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Capital Improvements Pledge Drive: Fellowship Hall Renovation

Architectural Drawing

St Luke’s UMC is excited about the renovation of the Fellowship Hall to support a growing presence and community ministry expansion. To support this endeavor a pledge drive us underway.

How can you help? Please pray and then CLICK HERE to continue reading why we are excited to include information on What We are Doing, Why are We Doing This, Pledge Details, and a look at architectural drawings.

Our witness to the world is as much in what we do as what we say. Please prayerfully consider opportunity to help by making a commitment!

A thank you message from Sherri Mims, Associate Director of Church Relations/Executive Assistant to the President, Epworth Children’s Home

We would like to say thank you for participating in the Epworth Children’s Home Mother’s Day offering. Epworth relies heavily on the offerings received on Mother’s Day to provide the quality care God calls us to provide to the more than 70 children who currently call Epworth home, in addition to the children we serve through our community-based services.

Thank you for your support of our children, God’s children, and for enabling us to change their lives for the better. Invest. Care. Transform. Investing in comprehensive care transforms the life of a child.

American resourcefulness churns into a sweet cause – Epworth Ice Cream!

Epworth Ice Cream Delivered

In the past, St Luke’s United Methodist church attendees had a sweet treat, sampling Epworth Ice Cream immediately following the services.


Epworth Ice Cream Delivered by Marc and Damon

Epworth Ice Cream was born in Columbia South Carolina during the Great Depression. Subsidized with a surplus of peanut butter, orphanage staff relied on the government ration in countless meals. However, none became as popular as its infusion with fresh cream from the onsite dairy. Today peanut butter ice cream is the flagship flavor in a product family where 100% of profits benefit the Epworth Children’s Home, helping children and families live a better life.

Enjoy Epworth Ice Cream

South Carolinians can

Remember, every ounce supports Epworth Children’s Home!


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